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Lync Partner momentum continues at Worldwide Partner Conference 2014

This week I attended the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). It was a great way to connect with Lync partners and see them in action—demoing new products, swapping success stories, and sharing key announcements. With over 16,000 partner attendees, it was impossible to speak to everyone, so I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued commitment to the Lync business and share some personal highlights from the week.

Our customers are responding very well to our vision and to our product offering. This is creating significant opportunities for partners as they help drive large end-to-end deployments of real time voice and video applications. This is only the beginning. As we continue to lead the industry to the next era of Universal Communications, I believe our partners will have a critical role in helping us transform the way billions of people communicate and share experiences every day.

It was exciting to walk the WPC Expo Hall and see and hear first-hand all of the great innovation coming to life. Here are just a few examples: live demos of the Audiocodes One Box 365™, a hybrid cloud/on-premises Lync voice solution; Dimension Data’s announcement of their initiative to sell one million new Lync voice seats by 2017; and the pioneering work of Microsoft Communications Partner of the Year, Orange Business Services, in delivering end-to-end Lync solutions that span from the network through devices. It’s incredible to see how much deeper our partnerships have become since I joined the Lync business three years ago!

We provided each partner we met with three calls to action:

  • Take advantage of our training opportunities to build up your Lync pre-sales, sales, and technical skills.
  • Deploy and use Lync internally. There is no reason that partners selling and deploying Lync should not be using it themselves. Use your Microsoft Internal Use Rights to get started for free!
  • Connect with fellow Lync partners to develop end-to-end integrated Lync offers for customers that span the network, devices, support, and applications.

I left WPC feeling invigorated and looking forward to another year of ongoing Lync momentum. Stay tuned for further developments on our products and go-to-market efforts in the months ahead!

Thank you for all the work!

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