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Introduction to Office 365 Development: attend this Live webinar Q&A event August 8

On August 8, 2014, Microsoft Virtual Academy site will host a series of sessions introducing Office 365 development. During each live session, the Office 365 Developer Platform engineering team and technical product managers will answer your questions in a live Q&A chat. Register now for this live event.

The Introduction to Office 365 Development course includes these sessions:

Overview of Office 365 development

This session will introduce you to the Office 365 development platform. It covers the two main approaches to developing: using the App Model to make your customizations appear in our products; and using the Office 365 APIs to consume those customizations from within your own applications.

Getting started with Apps for Office

This session will give you an overview of the Getting started with Apps for SharePoint Apps for Office. It  tackles how to get started, as well as comparisons of where the models fit in building business solutions. It also includes compelling demonstrations that highlight where you can surface your business solutions in Office products.

Getting started with Apps for SharePoint

This session will give you an overview of the SharePoint Hosted and Provider-Hosted App Models. It covers how to get started, as well as comparisons of where these models fit in building business solutions. It also includes compelling demonstrations that highlight where you can surface your business solutions in Office products.

Moving Full Trust Code to the cloud using repeatable patterns and best practices

This session is full of demos and real-life practices showing how typical intranet or collaboration customizations can be achieved using app model patterns. We’ll show different real-world proven patterns to build and maintain SharePoint sites in the cloud or on-premises using only app patterns. During the session, we’ll build typical intranet, OneDrive, and collaboration customizations from scratch to demonstrate the different patterns for achieving typical SharePoint customizations without classic SharePoint full trust code.

Getting started with Office 365 APIs

The Office 365 APIs were released in Preview at the SharePoint Conference 2014 in March. This session will give you an overview of how these APIs can be leveraged across mobile device platforms and standalone web application platforms, including ASP.NET MVC, Windows 8, and more. To show the value of this API,  we’ll cover how Azure Active Directory authentication is used based on the user’s consent and key scenarios.

O365 on demand training

If you can’t make it to these sessions on August 8, don’t worry. All the sessions will be available on demand after the live event. In addition to being able to watch the on-demand videos, you’ll also be able to take an assessment for each session and participate in a set of hands-on labs—to make sure you’ve kept all that new information in your head!

Sharing is caring

Our team is also sharing on GitHub all of the PowerPoint slides with instructor notes, which you can use for your own internal training or presentations to user groups. We’re sharing all the code for each of the demos shown in the sessions, too.


Over the next month, we’ll be adding more courses, to cover the platform in even more depth. Check out the timeline and mark these courses in your calendars!

O365 timeline

So what are you waiting for? Go to Microsoft Virtual Academy to register now for the August 8 Live Q&A. And be sure to check back on the blog for announcements of future Live Q&A events.

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