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Office 365 APIs using AngularJS standalone websites—samples shipped

Today we shipped two new samples that focus on standalone web applications that use the AngularJS framework communicating back to Office 365 using the Office 365 API. One is a Research Project Tracker scenario that was written by Andrew Connell (@AndrewConnell) and Scot Hillier (@ScotHillier), and the other is an Expense Tracker scenario written by Dan Wahlin (@DanWahlin) and Spike Xavier (@staticvoidmain) . These scenarios highlight the power of Office 365 in real-world examples and show the end-to-end build of the entire solution in Visual Studio. The samples include setup guides (as GitHub markdown files) in each repo that you can follow to get the scenarios running against your own developer tenants, and Channel 9 videos you can watch.

Research Project Tracker

ROffice 365 APIs 1

The Research Project Tracker scenario allows you to create research projects and then capture research links via a Mail App in Outlook and browser bookmarklet. Once the research has been captured, you can then inject it as a bibliography in your Word document through a Task Pane app. This sample was built with an AngularJS standalone website and two ASP.NET MVC 5 provider-hosted websites for the Word and Outlook apps. The research project data is all stored in SharePoint lists. The code can be found at

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker

The Expense Tracker scenario allows managers to track the expenses each employee has created. The data in this scenario is stored in SharePoint lists and fetched in the AngularJS standalone web application via the Office 365 APIs. The code can be found at

Benefits of Office 365 APIs

Benefits of Office 365 APIs


Both of these samples take advantage of the new Azure Active Directory authentication mechanism with the Office 365 APIs that can be called from standalone web applications and mobile device applications. These APIs allow you not only to call into OneDrive for Business, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Sites, and Users & Groups, but also into the existing SharePoint Client Side API to do more advanced SharePoint scenarios. You can find more documentation on the Office 365 API on MSDN.


Do you have ideas about how to improve these scenarios and want to contribute? Feel free to submit pull requests with your changes and we’ll work through them. If there are any budding mobile device application developers out there, we’d love to see some integration with these scenarios: for instance, submitting your scanned receipts directly as an expense against your employee record from an Android native app using the Office 365 API Android SDK.

There are plenty more code samples on our area, so please check them out!

Last Friday we ran a live streamed Introduction to Office 365 Development session on Microsoft Virtual Academy course.  This will be available on-demand within the next few weeks. All of the slides, demo code, and hands-on labs are available in for you to use now too.

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