UserVoice driving improvements to SharePoint API

The SharePoint API allows Office 365 developers to call SharePoint to work with the Office 365 building blocks, including Sites, Lists/Libraries, and List Items/Documents. These APIs come in two main types: native SDKs in .NET, JavaScript, and Silverlight; and a REST API.

Our team is constantly listening to you on UserVoice for your feedback on Office 365 development, which is influencing engineering to release new features to the API layer of the Office 365 platform.

Here’s just one example of this. Based on a request in UserVoice, plus direct requests from customers through Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS), the Office App Model Samples team built out a full scenario for business users requesting new SharePoint site collections. This was published on the Microsoft Download Center, with additional guidance, as the SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online solution pack for branding and site provisioning. With this new scenario, engineering had to ship three core new changes to the existing API:

We’ll continue to improve the SharePoint API in response to your feedback.

Using the SharePoint APIs with the Office 365 APIs Preview

You can use the SharePoint APIs in conjunction with the Office 365 APIs Preview by using the Azure Active Directory auth bearer token. This means that you can use the common consent framework authentication approach in standalone web and mobile device applications to take advantage of all the existing SharePoint APIs you know alongside the new Files OData API that shipped in the Preview.

Help us continue to improve the SharePoint API. Keep sending us feedback about your experiences with the Office 365 Developer platform. Submit your feedback on UserVoice.