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OneDrive gets smarter on your phone: Access your work documents, new photo view, and search enhancements

We want OneDrive to be the one place for everything in your work and life. That means continually updating the service and our apps to give you an easier and more intuitive experience, helping you be more productive, and ensuring that you’re never without the files that matter to you. You want the ability to view those photos from that trip to Hawaii as well as work on your sales proposal – all from one device.


So today, we want to talk about new updates to our mobile apps that help deliver on our vision.

Updates to OneDrive for Android: Access and manage your work files

Our Android update is starting to roll out today, and with it, you can now access both your personal and work accounts. This is the first example of how we’re creating a single, unified OneDrive experience that holistically addresses what people, businesses, and IT managers need. Because people are increasingly using the same devices and apps to get things done at work and at home, the ability to store and share files in the cloud is essential on both fronts.

Users can now get to their personal or work files, easily share with family or coworkers, and ensure that they’re never without the files that matter to them – all from a single app. Your personal and work accounts are kept separate, and OneDrive makes it clear when you’re accessing your work or personal files. So you don’t need to worry about accidentally backing up your photos to your work account.

Android update

To make your OneDrive even more secure on your phone, our Android app also now supports setting up a PIN. Simply create a 4 digit code, and you can limit access to the app and your files. This version of our app also includes improvements to camera backup speed and reliability and lets users open files directly from OneDrive in other apps.

All of these updates are important ones, and we’re looking to bring these features to iOS and Windows Phone devices in the coming months.

Updates to OneDrive for iOS: All photos view and search

The OneDrive app for iOS has also been recently updated. We’ve added a new, native search experience on iPhone and iPad. Users can now swipe down in the app to reveal a search box. This makes it easy to quickly find the specific file or folder that you’re looking for.

iOS update

We’ve also brought our All Photos view from the web to the iOS app. This is a beautiful and convenient way to see all of your photos from across your OneDrive grouped together and organized chronologically. In the iOS app, this is also where you can check your camera backup status.

iOS update 2

Updates to OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1: Recycle bin access

And finally, on Windows Phone, we’ve included a number of bug fixes as well as enabling users to access their OneDrive recycle bin. This update started rolling out last week, and it makes it easy to restore accidently deleted files and folders while you’re on the go.

WP update

These updates are just a few ways we’re continuing to make the OneDrive experience on your mobile phone even better and more powerful – whether you’re at home or work. Keep the feedback coming on our UserVoice site and stay tuned for more exciting updates as new features are always right around the corner!

Jason Moore
Group Program Manager, OneDrive

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