Clip articles with Sight and send to OneNote

Today’s post was written by Yue Zhuge, co-founder and CEO of Sight.

Sight logoSight is an iPhone-optimized app that lets you clip articles from any iOS app in one snap—and then seamlessly send to OneNote. This powerful, cross platform, integration with Sight and OneNote provides you new ways to clip content from your mobile devices and tablets—expanding on what you can already do with the OneNote Clipper on your PC or Mac.

Read an article on your PC or Mac you want to save? Use OneNote Clipper to send it to OneNote. See something on your iOS device you want to save? Use Sight to clip the article and then save to OneNote.

Sight clip article

Recipes, travel destinations, research papers, current news and more, Sight helps you clip content from your iOS device and send to OneNote. All you need to do is take a screenshot—simply press Screen Lock and Home buttons at the same time. Sight automatically retrieves the entire article from the app so you can save to OneNote.

With Sight, clipping to OneNote has become easier than ever. You can choose to save individual articles to OneNote, or opt to save everything you clip. Sight is powered by advanced imaging and searching technology. By bringing together the mobile clipping capability of Sight with the strong organizational and existing clipping capabilities of OneNote, you will never forget the things most important to you.

Download Sight for your iPhone (or iPad) from iTunes.

Download OneNote Clipper for your browser.

—Yue Zhuge