Webinar: Ways to avoid rebuilding PowerPoints over and over

Today’s post was written by Steve Birge, Content Developer for Office.com/support.

You’ve got a meeting coming up where several team members will be presenting. So how do you jumble and juggle multiple PowerPoint presentations without reinventing wheels, losing pieces or looking unprofessional? We’ll look at a few ways to make a new presentation out of slides you already have, and see how you can take the same slide deck to several meetings and give customized, unique presentations at each one.

Need a sneak peek? Here’s a 30-second trailer you can use on social media sites.

What you will learn at the webinar:

  • One deck, many ways to deal
  • Reuse or import a slide
  • Slide Master View
  • Custom slide shows

References for this webinar

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–Steve Birge