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EWS Managed API for .NET is now open source

 Victor Boctor is a principal architect on the Exchange team.

Last month, we released the Exchange Web Services (EWS) Java API as open source under the MIT license. Since then, we have received great feedback from the community, including many contributions via bug reports and pull requests. Today, we are building on this momentum by releasing the EWS Managed API, the .NET implementation of this API, as open source. Unlike the EWS Java API, this is the first time that the EWS Managed API has been made available as an open-source library. The open-source EWS Managed API provides the following advantages:

  • You can contribute bug fixes and enhancements to enable scenarios that you care about while making integrating with Exchange even more awesome than it is today.
  • You can use builds from dev or stable release branches to get fixes and enhancements that haven’t made their way into an official release.
  • You have access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date implementation of the API. You can also use it as a reference for the Java client library, or to create new libraries for even more platforms.

The source code is now on GitHub via the ews-managed-api project, which is the primary development platform for the API. We welcome contributions from the community via GitHub issues, pull requests, and more. To learn more about the EWS Managed API, see Get started with EWS Managed API client applications and the EWS Managed API reference content on MSDN.

The Exchange team will continue to release new versions of the EWS Managed API. Our goal is to move from web downloads to an official package available via Let’s see if someone beats us to adding nuget support.

Thank you for your interest in Exchange. We welcome any feedback you have on our APIs and look forward to your using and improving them.


—Victor Boctor (@vboctor)

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