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Microsoft 365

Office 365 news round-up

The updates and improvements we’ve made to Office 365 over the past two weeks offer something for everyone – from students to partners to business professionals.

We started rolling out the first phase of Groups in Office 365, which provides a level of collaboration and information sharing that can help any organization work like a network, and we explained how we’re raising the bar on visibility in Office 365 and giving you more control of your organization’s data. We also launched a new Office 365 home page to make it even easier for you to access all of the services that Office 365 provides.

We started a new program that lets students sign up for free versions of Office 365 directly, without going through their college IT department, and we announced our plan to start holding FastTrack for Office 365 “office hours” to help our U.S. partners make the most of the FastTrack program and resources.

In addition to all of that, we showed you how to add personality to your email inbox with the Advanced Rules in, and use Office Lens to create documents with your Windows Phone camera and send them directly to OneNote. And speaking of OneNote, you can now use it with your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 as well as Android Wear. And to help keep everything running smoothly, we also launched the new Microsoft Online Services Bug Bounty Program, starting with Office 365, to reward and recognized security researchers who identify and report vulnerabilities.

That’s just in the past couple of weeks. Keep checking this space to see other new updates and improvements that are coming soon to Office 365.

Below is a round-up of some key news items from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Microsoft Office, Apple iWork or Google Docs: which is best? – Check out this comparison of Microsoft, Google and Apple productivity software to find out why Office 365 comes out on top.

Microsoft Delivers End User Insights With Delve – Learn how the new Delve tool from Microsoft makes big data accessible and useful to everyday users.

Finnair takes to the cloud with Office 365 – Learn how Finnair, the largest airline in Finland and one of the world’s oldest, is increasing efficiency and cutting costs with Office 365.

Building a global brand with local flavor – Listen as Anders Munck, enterprise architect with the Carlsberg Group, the fourth-largest brewer in the world, explains how his organization uses Office 365 to run its global business.

Associated Industries of Massachusetts: more efficient member services with Microsoft Office 365 – Discover why the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, a statewide association of 4,900 employers, chose Office 365.

Enriching the minds of Kibera’s youth through Skype – Hear from Livingstone Kegode, a 3rd-grade teacher in Kibera, Nairobi’s largest slum, who explains how Skype enriches his students’ lives and enhances their education.

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