Announcing Chegg Study + OneNote for students to get smarter for exams

Chegg the Student Hub, is all about making 13 million high school and university students more successful in their classes through partnerships and offering tools to make learning easier, more accessible and more productive. It is only natural that OneNote becomes the one place for Chegg students to take and organize all their class notes and study guides, accessible on any device they are carrying in their backpack or pocket. That is why we are excited to announce a partnership with Chegg and their Chegg Study Q&A product.

The 2013 Chegg Homework Help survey found that 81 percent of students who used Chegg Study felt better prepared for their exams. Now, a new Clip It button, right next to any Q&A, saves all the answers into OneNote. From there, students can use OneNote to build their study guides, study with friends and take notes on-the-go.


OneNote - View

OneNote - SavedSave your Chegg Study Q&As (top) to your study guide in OneNote (bottom).

Learn more about using OneNote + Chegg Study and then get started with your homework help and study guides by signing up for a Chegg Study account and downloading OneNote for free at 

We hope this update serves you well as you prepare for mid-terms this Fall!


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