Register now for upcoming Access events

Are you a developer or user of Microsoft Access or know someone who is? Interested in expanding your knowledge about the new web capabilities in Access 2013 or how to improve Access desktop applications? There are two upcoming events that you might consider attending to gain knowledge on Microsoft Access and Access Services from seasoned professionals.

J Street TAccess Dayechnology is organizing another one-day conference on Access.

Join us Thursday, November 6th in Redmond, WA for another Access Day event. The conference will be held on Microsoft’s main campus this year.

This upcoming Access Day event will once again feature internationally-respected presenters, including Access MVPs, book authors, professional Access developers, and even a member of the Access development team at Microsoft.

Access Day will include sessions by Luke Chung, Andy Tabisz, Tim Getsch, Jeff Conrad and Armen Stein and will cover a mix of Access desktop techniques and new Access web app development. The intended audience is Access developers and advanced users who want to learn ways to make their applications more powerful and develop Access solutions for the web using Office 365.

Here’s what people said about previous Access Day events:

“Access Day has provided a welcoming environment for professionals to meet and get acquainted with peers…”
–Craig R.

“The presentations focused on real-world solutions and scenarios and reminded me how much I like Access.”
–Luis C.

“I really enjoyed the great mix of topics and the enthusiasm of each presenter was excellent.”
–Craig A.

Check out Access Day 2014 to register and to learn more information and schedule details.


UK Access User GroupJoin us Tuesday, November 18th for the UK Access User Group Fall 2014 National Seminar at the Microsoft offices in Thames Valley Park Reading, Berkshire.

This one-day seminar will include sessions presented by Armen Stein, Adrian Bell, Julian Kirkness and Paul Christie.

Great database design

Presenter: Armen Stein—J Street Technology

All Access Projects should start with great database structures—do yours? Armen will present the database design techniques and naming conventions that J Street Technology uses in their projects.  Slides and documents will be available to attendees.

Case study: useful procedures of NeoPa

Presenter: Adrian Bell—Microsoft Access MVP

Adrian will be sharing code and concepts about how to develop in a way that is consistent and therefore more maintainable. Procedures that cover many areas we all need to work within and around will be discussed. Examples that will be shown include string manipulation, SQL specific string manipulation, process optimization, security (passwords), progress display, basic tools for working with files and more.

Web Apps–from idea to App store

Presenter: Julian Kirkness—Microsoft Access MVP

Julian has an impressive record, he was the first person worldwide to put up an Access-based web app in the Office Online store.  As such, he is well placed to describe how Office Online—and Access web apps—can benefit you, both as a user and as a developer.

The non-Access parts of Office Online

Presenter: Paul Christie

We have been given some excellent information about using the Access Web App but what about the rest of Office? There are Web Apps for Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Paul will quickly run through what can be done with PowerPoint and Word and then focus on the Excel Web App. He will look at the Table functionality that came in with Excel 2007 and what limitations there are when using some of these facilities in the Web App.

Access form techniques

Presenter: Armen Stein—J Street Technology

Armen will demonstrate ways to make your Access forms more powerful and easier to use and navigate. Techniques will include alternatives to tabs, daisy-chaining forms and custom navigation buttons. Slides and documents will be available to attendees.

Visit the UK Access User Group site to book your spot now for the UK Access User Group Fall 2014 National Seminar and for seminar details.