Webinar: A new way to PowerPoint with Office Mix

Office Mix allows you to turn your PowerPoint decks into interactive online lessons or presentations. It adds functionality to PowerPoint 2013 so you to record audio or video of yourself presenting, write on your slides as you speak to them, insert quizzes, polls, online videos, and more.

We are joined by Microsoft Distinguished Scientist Anoop Gupta, the Office Mix godfather, who sold the concept to Steve Ballmer before a line of code was written and also leads the team who has built it.

We have an Office Mix of the webinar and the regular video. Plus, there is a 30-second trailer good for posting on social media sites with a link to the full webinar.

What you will learn at the webinar:

  • Getting and Using Office Mix
  • What to create with Office Mix
  • Check out what others have made at OfficeMix.com

References for this webinar

Go to aka.ms/offweb to view past webinars and register for future ones.

–Doug Thomas