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Office Mix makes it easier

We’re thrilled to share new features in Office Mix that make it easier to create, share, and find online interactive lessons and presentations.  Haven’t tried it yet?  Then go to to check it out!

Live mixing

Office Mix is a great way to build an “on-demand” version of your presentation.  Many of you have told us that you love using Office Mix, but also wish you could build your mixes live, while you were actually giving your presentation.

In response, we’ve improved Office Mix to let you create and record while presenting, which we call “live mixing.”  In the recording view, Office Mix now shows an optimized cockpit that lets you work efficiently by showing only the most used features for creating your mix, and maximizing the presentation area for your live audience.  We’ve also made it easier to switch the camera on and off, select ink and move through your slides and animations. 

Office Mix Oct

Easier editing

You’ve consistently told us that you love how Office Mix lets you record yourself while running through your presentation.  But you’ve also let us know that it can be hard to speak continuously while presenting.

We are delighted to announce that Office Mix now allows you to pause and resume while recording, so you can gather your thoughts, and be sure to say what you want, when you want.  We’ve also added a new erase ink feature, so you can get a clear canvas and write more on the same slide.


As the number of categories and mixes in the Gallery has continued to grow, it’s become harder to find the mixes that you care about.  The updated Office Mix Gallery has search, so you can find mixes by category, tag, topic and author.

Thanks!  We hope you enjoy the new features.  And as always,

Happy Mixing!


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