Henkel upgrades 40,000 users to Office 365 ProPlus in 5 months

Today’s post was written by Markus Petrak, corporate director of Integrated Business Solutions, New Technologies / Office 365 for Henkel AG & Company. 

Here at Henkel, we’ve been very busy modernizing our IT infrastructure. After upgrading our computers to get everyone on Windows 7, we decided to adopt Microsoft Office 365 for all of our productivity needs. Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity solution that includes Exchange Online, Lync Online, SharePoint Online, and the Office 365 ProPlus client. We had been using Lotus Notes and Office 2003 and felt we were not achieving the full potential of the organization. We wanted to break down siloes, and in the past we depended on email for the majority of communications.

Markus PetraksThis is why we wanted to invest in a modern, integrated set of tools to support a more productive and modernized work environment. Rather than investing in upgrading old solutions, we opted to make a major leap forward. Office 365 was the perfect fit to make sure we are always providing the latest capabilities going forward.

I’ll start by saying the project was a tremendous success. Within five months, we migrated more than 40,000 users worldwide to Office 365 ProPlus. Many people thought we could never achieve that schedule, but we decided to move quickly rather than spend time and money trying to integrate the old and new environments. Our employees are very happy to have the latest version of Office and are taking advantage of new capabilities like integrated presence information and the convenience of simultaneous document editing. A sign of success in changing the email culture is that usage of Lync increased from a handful of users to almost 50 percent of the company in a few months.


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-Markus Petrak