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Tackle your next group project with Word for iPad and iPhone

Group projects in particular are an integral part of every student’s curriculum, but sharing the work and getting the project submitted on time is not always easy. This past spring we released Word for iPad and just yesterday Word for iPhone with some great tools to help you with your schoolwork!

To give you an idea of how Word on your mobile devices can help save the day, imagine the following situation:

A group of students are taking a course on digital media and have been tasked with writing a group report on the impact of social media on online fundraising. Emily, Anne and Josh are paired up by the professor and begin brainstorming ideas at the end of class. Emily opens Word on her iPhone and begins taking notes on areas the group would like to cover in the report. Before the end of class, the team already has an outline for the report.

Word for iPad and iPhone 1

Emily saves the Word document to her OneDrive account and shares it with her teammates for additional editing. Word for the iPhone makes creating and editing documents on the fly easier than ever with the phone optimized interface.

Word for iPad and iPhone 2

Later that evening, Emily begins writing her section using an iPad from the comfort of her dorm room. Shortly after starting to edit the document Emily sees a notification that Anne has opened the document on her MacBook. Thanks to co-authoring and OneDrive, Emily and Anne continue editing their individual sections at the same time without having to worry about sending the document back and forth over email. Anne wraps up her section, and before signing off leaves a comment next to her final paragraph to solicit feedback on her conclusion from Emily and Josh.

Word for iPad and iPhone 3

Being a bit of a procrastinator, Josh sits down for the first time to take a look at the project using Office Online the night before it is due. Upon opening the document that Emily shared with him, Josh sees that his teammates have already added a substantial amount of information to their sections. Next to the final paragraph in Anne’s section he sees a speech bubble indicating that someone left a comment there. Clicking the icon, he sees that Anne was a bit unsure how to conclude her final paragraph and smoothly transition into the next section. To help her out Josh replies to the comment and leaves Anne with a couple different ways to wrap up her section.

While Josh is editing his section, Anne and Emily open the document to finalize their sections. With Josh’s comments Anne is able to put the finishing touches on her section while Emily uses text styles to format the rest of document. After wrapping up her section, Anne begins to create a professional looking title page to introduce their report to readers. Using the Word for iPad touch interface, Anne is able to insert an image and drag it around the page to try different layouts before finalizing the cover page. Late into the night the group finishes work on the report, and after some revision, Emily prints a copy for submission.

The next morning on her way out the door, Emily looks down at the document and notices that the team forgot to add page numbers. In a hurry, she opens her laptop only to find the battery is dead from the long night of work. Without skipping a beat, Emily grabs her iPad from the bedside table and pulls up the report. She adds page numbers to the document and scrolls through one more time to ensure there is nothing else missing. Since she used Word for iPad to add the page numbers none of the documents original formatting was lost.

Word for iPad and iPhone 4

Happy with the document, she uses her iPad to wirelessly print the final paper just in time to make it to class!

As you can see, Word for the iPad and iPhone are valuable tools for any student on the go. The flexibility to move between platforms using OneDrive, while co-authoring documents, makes for a seamless editing experience. If you are a current student in the U.S., you may be eligible for a FREE Office 365 subscription compliments of your school. To see if you’re eligible, check out Office in education or navigate to this blog post for additional details.

Please bring your questions about the new iOS apps to the Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session our team is hosting Thursday November 18th a.m. PST. Otherwise, head on over to the Apple App Store and download a copy of Word, PowerPoint and Excel to see what you’ve been missing.

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