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Take control of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with OneNote

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are undoubtedly the most popular holiday shopping moments for knocking out a lot of holiday shopping in a few hours, while saving big in the process. But it can also be overwhelming. How can you make sure you’re getting the best deals? When do all the stores open? What’s the best strategy to divide and conquer the gift lists? OneNote can make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday planning a lot easier and have you in, out and on to some holiday cheer in record time.

Take control of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with OneNote 1

Saving the best deals 

These days, many stores post their sale ads online for easy browsing and sites like collect mailers in one convenient place. The OneNote Clipper helps you clip and save the webpage to OneNote so you can reference it anytime, on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Take control of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with OneNote 2

New OneNote Clipper update simplifies holiday gift list

For some of the most popular online retailers, including, the OneNote Clipper just got lot better—just in time for the holidays. With the update released today, shoppers can clip a product (such as the Sony Alpha a6000 shown above) and OneNote will simplify the clip down to the key pieces of information. Users can share a wish list, or find exactly what someone on their gift list wants. This feature also works with the Email to OneNote service.

Take control of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with OneNote 3

Our goal is to help you collect your wish list and gift ideas in OneNote in a clear, easy to review format. Then, on these big shopping days, you can use OneNote on your phone, tablet or computer to keep track of it all—OneNote is available for free on all major platforms. We also put a link at the top so you can quickly get back to the online store on the day of the big deals. Product clipping works on several popular online retail websites such as,,,, and

The clipper is also a quick and handy tool for capturing and organizing digital coupons, considering many stores will scan coupon bar codes right from your phone.

Snap deals to OneNote with Office Lens

Are you sick of holiday newspaper ads and inserts making a mess of counter space, but don’t want to lose out on a deal? Use Office Lens on your Windows Phone or snap a picture straight from OneNote on your iPhone, or iPad to capture the deals you want to keep for later. The image is automatically cropped, cleaned up and saved to OneNote so you can hit the road.

Take control of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with OneNote 4

Planning your shopping adventure 

If you’re planning a major shopping excursion, you’ve got a lot of details to keep straight. There are so many stores to visit, all opening at different times. And once you’ve arrived, all the people and distractions can make it tricky to find just what you’re looking for.

Try planning your day in OneNote. Use Onetastic’s OneCalendar to schedule the stores you want to visit and when. Then make a checklist in OneNote with the items you know you want to snag. If they’re doorbusters or limited in quantity, note it so you’ll make sure to be there early.

How does product clipping work?

Much like we did with recipe clipping, we’re using the Bing platform to extract all the key details about the product and present them in simple and easy to review format in OneNote. Leveraging Bing’s rich technology in product search and shopping comparisons, we’re able to clip clear, simple product information into your notebook.

If you like how we’ve done this, let us know! You can use the feedback links at the bottom right of the product clipping to let us know how product clipping is working for you as you shop. Shop at an online retailer we don’t support? Email us at and let us know.

…and some other OneNote Clipper improvements!

PDF clipping
Ever wanted to save that PDF you’re viewing into your OneNote notebook so you could read it later, read it on a different device, or take notes while you read it? Now, the OneNote Web Clipper can clip PDFs directly into your notebook. When you go back to OneNote, all of the pages will be crisply printed onto the page—no need to open a separate PDF reader. It’s easy, go try it!

Visual improvements
Finally, we’ve made a bunch of visual improvements to the Clipper itself. The Clipper bar is now the familiar OneNote purple and semitransparent to give you better context, icons have been made white for increased clarity, and the entire Clipper will now reflow better across various screen sizes.

Try it out now

To get started with preparing for Black Friday, simply visit OneNote Clipper  and follow the instructions to install. It’s that simple, now you’re all set to start clipping the web to OneNote.

To clip, just browse to any webpage and click the OneNote Clipper button. For more details on the clipping experience, check out our original blog post.

More holiday tips to come 

Make sure you check back on  Office Blogs or follow us on Twitter for more tips on how OneNote can simplify your holiday and help you get back to what really matters. We would love to hear from you, share your own OneNote wisdom with us on Twitter @msonenote.

Make sure you visit to get OneNote for free on all your devices and learn more. And of course, if you have any feedback, let us know in the comments below or on our OneNote Suggestions and Feedback site.


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