Manufacturing productivity in the cloud—TE strengthens connections with Office 365 ProPlus

Editor’s note 9/8/2015:
This post was updated to reflect David Ark’s title change and the addition of the TE Connectivity video.

Today’s post was written by David Ark, vice president of Global Infrastructure Solutions for TE Connectivity.

TE CEOAt TE Connectivity (TE), creating and strengthening connections is what we do. Our products protect connections, enhance the flow of connections, and literally connect one thing to another. Our goal is to deliver an extraordinary experience to our customers and those who use their products. We are a global leader in innovation with more than 18,000 patents and four straight years on the Thomson Reuters list of Top 100 Global Innovators. You’ll find our products in the things you depend on every day, such as cars, appliances, medical devices, computers and many other electronics devices.

Our Digital Workplace initiative is designed to make TE an attractive place to work, and a key component is Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. In the past, we were challenged with mismatched versions of Microsoft Office, but now all employees are on the latest version and will stay current. Further, we have full control over when updated versions are provided to our employees.

Office 365 ProPlus is helping to solve our mobility issues. We have a philosophy that employees should be able to work on any trusted device, anywhere, anytime. We look at Office 365 ProPlus as platform-agnostic. Our business units choose the best devices for their needs and without worrying about compatibility issues—it’s amazing.

We estimate that about 20 percent of the workforce is using multiple devices today and we see that number rising rapidly. The best part about Office 365 ProPlus is that we don’t need to know how many devices are out there. Licensing is taken care of and users manage their own devices without IT having to get involved.

TE infographicWe had a great experience with the Office 365 ProPlus deployment—40,000 users in 90 days. It was easily one of the most successful and trouble-free deployments we’ve had in my 30 years here. Click-to-Run is an amazing improvement over the older Microsoft installation technology. In the past, we had to create 15 different packages to meet our language requirements. Click-to-Run handles them automatically from one package.

We’ve seen a lot of value in only a few months with Office 365 ProPlus. To get the most of out of our deployment, we invested in training videos and took advantage of SharePoint communities to answer user questions. We are continuing to integrate Office 365 ProPlus capabilities into our business processes to generate additional value and help the company achieve its goals.

—David Ark

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