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Lync Room System feature updates

Editor’s Note:
This post has been updated to clarify that these updates are related to Lync Room System (LRS) version 15.12.01.

We are excited to share with you the availability of the Lync Room System (LRS) version 15.12.01 update, as a part of our continued effort to offer valuable Lync video experiences in the conference room. In addition to the feature updates, we’ve refreshed the LRS Administrative Web Portal server-side application for manageability and added supplemental configuration information to the LRS Deployment Guide.

Please read below to understand the LRS feature updates to version 15.12.01 and other updates to the LRS admin web portal application and the LRS deployment guide.

LRS version 15.12.01 feature updates

Having been in the market for a little over a year now, the team has gathered feedback on how customers are using LRS in their work environments. We’ve found two key areas for optimization to allow meeting organizers to more easily add attendees and start meetings.

1.  Dial from within a meeting

The LRS dial pad experience is optimized such that public switched telephone network (PSTN) calls can now be made from a meeting that is already in progress. Previously, Enterprise Voice customers could launch a call with a phone number but not once a Lync Meeting was already initiated. We’ve also tweaked the dial pad to allow local users to look up and add contacts.


New user interface.

2. Initiate Lync Meetings within LRS

We’ve made it easy to create a new meeting with two taps to the LRS Calendar Tile. To optimize the meeting join experience, the LRS team has added the capability of sending an email with Lync Meeting coordinates to invitees. Now, if you forget to add a Lync Meeting to your calendar invite, you can still join your meeting from LRS. You no longer have to open your PC to create a Lync Meeting via Outlook.


Initiate a meeting from the Calendar Tile.

Updated LRS Administrative Web Portal

The LRS Admin Web Portal is a server-side application that is used to monitor and manage LRS devices for on-premises deployments. The following is a list of new features in the LRS Administrative Web Portal:

  • Improved log collection
  • Live notifications on the portal
  • Displays hotfix version (15.xx.x)
  • Admin can check updates from the portal
  • Accessibility improvements
  • The automatic log out time has been extended to after 15 minutes of non-use.

You can find the updated LRS Administrative Web Portal here.

Updated LRS Deployment Guide

We’ve also refreshed the LRS Deployment Guide to provide supplemental information for configuring Exchange Online mailbox with hybrid Lync on-premises installations. There is also detail on configuring LRS in multi-forest deployments.

You can find the updated LRS Deployment Guide here.

All these updates are available today. If you have LRS deployed and have automatic updates enabled, you should have already received the Lync Room Systems version 15.12.01 update. If you don’t have automatic updates enabled, your IT department can apply the update.

Additionally, the deployment guide and LRS Admin Web Portal application can be downloaded through the links provided above.

For new customers, check out the great LRS offerings delivered through our partners Crestron, Polycom and SMART to learn more.

The LRS team is pleased to bring you these updates. We look forward to bringing you more as we continue to gather feedback and observe customer experience.

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