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Yammer Enterprise now offered in Office 365 Enterprise K1 (Kiosk) plan

Yammer 2 v2In an effort to bring enterprise social networking to deskless workers, we’re excited to announce Yammer Enterprise is now included in the Office 365 kiosk plan. Many people in organizations spanning industries as diverse as healthcare, education, retail and hospitality, work on shared computers or other devices. Starting at $4 per user per month, the Office 365 K1 plan gives these employees access to the tools they need to be more productive, including 2 GB of Exchange Online email storage, access to SharePoint Sites and the ability to edit and view Office Online Documents on their mobile devices—and now Yammer Enterprise as well.

Yammer enables people to collaborate and share feedback with their team and across the company, and also keeps them connected to companywide announcements. Using Yammer in concert with Office 365 helps companies adapt and respond more quickly to customer needs and ultimately grow their business: the core of our work like a network vision.


Yammer 1 v2

Red Robin is a perfect example of a company that works like a network, staying connected internally to quickly adapt to change. Using Yammer, restaurant managers started talking about ways to tweak the Pig Out burger recipe.

Within four weeks the burger recipe was changed—a process that would have taken 12 to 18 months prior to using Yammer.

This type of business impact is what drives us to deliver enterprise social networking to the hands of all our users.

From company executives to students, bustling entrepreneurs to employees out in the field, we’re thrilled that Yammer Enterprise is now officially available in every Office 365 for business plan. Start working like a network today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I already have K-SKU licenses today. How do I get started on Yammer?

A. Use this guide for detailed instructions on how to set up Yammer Enterprise.

Q. Do I need to buy Yammer Enterprise licenses for external users in my external network?

A. No. External network users are not counted as part of your Yammer licensing obligation. More information can be found at the Yammer Pricing and Plans page.

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