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Sharing the world’s wishes through OneNote

Every year children from the age of two to ninety-two put pen, pencil or crayon to paper and write their holiday wish list. Earlier this month, we let you in on a little secret—that our nation’s letters to Santa go to a small post office in the tiny town of Santa Claus, Indiana.

More than 13,000 of these wish lists find their way to Santa Claus (the town) every year where a group of Santa’s Elves—local volunteers who don elfin hats and jolly knitwear—diligently open read and reply to each one. But this year, the Elves did things a bit differently and built a giant, digital wish list with OneNote.

Starting today, you can see Santa’s list and use the power of OneNote to see what’s popular, find last minute gift ideas, or simply discover the unusual things people want from Santa.

“OneNote is the absolute best tool for creating Christmas lists,” declares Amanda Tempel, volunteer Elf, “so to be part of helping Santa with this wish list is really huge.”

The volunteers have looked for ways to compile this list before, but there wasn’t an easy way that was efficient and organized. That is, until now.

One of the great features in OneNote, especially for a list of thousands of wishes, is that you can quickly find the wish you’re interested in through search and tagging.

Some requests are funny, others heartwarming—or heartbreaking. Some children request gifts for family, friends or strangers. OneNote’s tagging feature can help the Elves keep these requests of different kinds together so they’re easy to find later.

Tags also make it easy to find more obscure or one-off gift requests that could easily get lost in a list this size. Using tags, it’s easy to go back an find unique gift requests that children make like blue spray paint, a soda bottle from 1892, a rainbow shirt with puppets, or simply $47 in cash.

We’re sharing Santa’s Elves’ OneNote gift list Notebook with the world. Visit Santa’s list and see what kids and adults around the world are asking for. You might even find inspiration for a last minute gift idea for someone on your list.

Download OneNote for free on all your devices to create your own list for work, school or home; or to just start collecting your thoughts. Then follow us on Twitter or Facebook, where we’re always posting OneNote tips and tricks to help you get organized and stay productive.

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