Visio webcast January 6—value stream mapping template

A value stream map is a tool to study a production flow in the implementation of lean manufacturing. It plots the path of material and information from the supplier all the way through to the customer. By visualizing the entire value stream, inefficiencies can be identified and a plan can be put in place to reduce areas of non-value added time or waste.

This session is beneficial for anyone who uses or would like to learn how to use Visio 2013, which incorporates the lean methodology. Learn how to use the Visio value stream map template to illustrate the flow of materials and information in a lean manufacturing process.

In addition, Visio 2013 gives users the ability to link value stream maps to external data, run reports and add data graphics. Learn how to visualize your data and take advantage of the new Visio 2013 features to maximize your productivity and share data across the enterprise utilizing SharePoint and Visio services.

Presented by Matt Roderman, Tips & Techniques LLC

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