Announcing the “Sway your OneNote love” contest winners

A month ago, we asked the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Experts around the world to “Sway your OneNote love.” The MIE Experts were asked to use Sway to bring together their ideas and multimedia that answered one of the following questions:

  1. What do you love about OneNote?
  2. How do you use OneNote to inspire learning?
  3. How do you collaborate with others using OneNote? (MIE Experts, Teachers community, Students)

The OneNote and Sway teams were amazed at the response rate (almost 100 Sways were submitted), variety and clear innovation in use of OneNote in the classroom and Sway to present it. Since Sway is “born on the web” and made to be embeddable, we will let the winners speak for themselves.

First place winner of a Microsoft device—Marija Petreska

Marija Petreska (Macedonia, @TeacherMarija) presented 24 ideas for how to inspire learning with classroom activities that involved OneNote. Check out her artistic design and see it in a new browser tab by clicking the Sway icon in the upper left corner below:

Runner-up and winner of guest blog post—Tamara Sullivan

Tamara Sullivan (Australia, @t_amarasullivan) went global with her lesson planning in OneNote and decided to show how dynamic collaboration between students and students is possible with The Connected Learner:

Honorable mentions

Honorable mentions go to two Sways that exemplified creativity and one with a different audience slant.

Kurt Söser (Austria, @kurtsoeser) combined Lord of the Rings and OneNote into a Sway to “rule them all” (almost):

Ovi Barceló (Spain) wrote a song titled, “You’re the OneNote I Want”:

John Griffiths (USA) showed how OneNote isn’t only for teachers, but also for principals who want to get organized:

Thanks you to all the educators who spent time and energy creating Sways. Feel free to share others with us on Twitter at @msonenote and @sway. Our favorites may even be retweeted!