Power Query January update—new connectors and usability improvements

Power Query for Excel enhances the Business Intelligence (BI) experience by simplifying data discovery, access and collaboration. The Power Query team continually works to improve the Power Query experience and their January update includes a new connector—or many new connectors, in this case—and a host of usability improvements.

What’s new in this update?

The following features have been added or improved in this update:

  1. ODBC Connector—New connector which enables importing data from generic ODBC data sources in Power Query.
  2. “From Azure” ribbon dropdown menu—New ribbon dropdown menu to group all Microsoft Azure data sources in Power Query. Makes it easier to browse and find items in the “Get External Data” ribbon group.
  3. Workbook Settings dialog—New dialog to expose workbook-specific settings such as Locale, Fast Combine and Relationship Detection.
  4. Option to enable or disable relationship detection—Control whether Power Query should attempt to create relationships between tables when loading queries to the Data Model.
  5. Column and Row counts in Query Editor Preview—Quickly get a sense for the shape and size of your data by looking at Column and Row counts in the Query Editor Preview.
  6. Confirmation dialog to delete a query when deleting a worksheet—Decide whether to remove queries or to disable “load to worksheet” when deleting a worksheet where one or more PQ queries are loaded.

You can download this update from the Power Query download page.

Watch the following video or read the original announcement in the Power BI Blog for details about each feature.

We hope that you enjoy this update and find the new features valuable. Please send us your feedback or suggestions via Smile/Frown in Power Query.

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