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Microsoft 365

Your work and life on all your Apple devices!

Today we’re excited to announce new ways that you can access and manage your OneDrive files from your iOS and Mac devices.

Better photo management and access to your OneDrive for Business files on iOS devices

In the last few months we’ve rolled out new mobile experiences across Android and Windows Phone that allow you to connect to your personal and business OneDrive from the one app. Today’s iOS release rounds out the first phase of our mobile investments that deliver a single OneDrive experience across your work and life. Firstly it has amazing new capabilities in how you view, manage, and share your photos which we announced earlier today.
Camera backup

Secondly it now allows you to connect to one or more OneDrive for Business accounts. Previously we have shipped 2 separate apps – one for your personal files and one for business files – now you can do this all within the one app. For a business user you can access all your files plus all the files that have been shared with you. You can even access your most recent files plus recover accidently deleted files from the Recycle Bin. There’s new features to upload files to OneDrive for Business and powerful search and share features. For iOS users this delivers a single mobile experience to truly manage everything in your life! For IT, the business files are still secured, managed and covered by the enterprise-grade security, compliance and control from Office 365.
OneDrive accounts

iOS Files
Manage your OneDrive for Business files on your Mac

We also heard feedback from Mac users wanting to be able to access and take their OneDrive for Business files offline. Recently, we talked about our all-up sync strategy across platforms and our commitment to bring a Mac sync client for OneDrive for Business users. Today we’re delivering on this commitment by releasing the public preview of our Mac sync client for OneDrive for Business. It provides a simple and secure way for you to manage and sync your files through the familiar Mac Finder experience.
To get started today download the iOS app from the app store and the Mac sync preview from the Microsoft Download Center. If you want to see these apps in action plus more details of new features coming soon to OneDrive for Business then check out this Office Mechanics video.


Jason Moore
Group Program Manager, OneDrive

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