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Office 365 Partner admin mobile app now available

Editor’s Note: 
We’re pleased to announce that the Office 365 Partner Admin mobile app is now available for Windows Phone.

Today’s post was written by Adam Jung, senior product marketing manager on the Office 365 team.

If you are an Office 365 partner managing your customers Office 365 tenant, hopefully you are already using the Office 365 Partner admin center portal, which gives you several tools to manage customers including, a view of all of your customers, the service health of individual customers, and the ability to manage service requests and perform administrative tasks on behalf of a customer.

Today we are extending the Partner admin center experience with a new Office 365 Partner admin mobile app, available now for Android and iOS and coming soon for Windows Phone. The Office 365 Partner admin mobile app gives partners additional flexibility to manage and administer your customers. If you have access to the main Office 365 partner admin center portal, you can sign in to the Office 365 Partner admin app using your same credentials.

Here are some of the key things you can do with the Office 365 Partner admin app:

  • Easily view, search and access customer information for which you have delegated admin privileges.

pac mobile client list_new

  • View each of your customer’s current service health status.

Office 365 Partner admin mobile app 2

  • View a customer’s open service requests.

Office 365 Partner admin mobile app 3

  • View a customer’s Message Center communications for important service information.
  • Take action to manage your customer including accessing user accounts taking action like resetting user passwords.

Get the app today!

  • For Android (4.1 and up) download the app from Google Play.

What’s next?

The Office 365 Partner admin app complements the Office 365 Partner admin center portal to give partners greater flexibility in managing and administering their customers. We will add more capabilities over time, so please provide input on additional functionality that would be of most value using the Feedback button in the settings section of the app.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the main differences between the main Office 365 Partner admin center portal and the Office 365 Partner admin mobile app? 

A. The Office 365 partner admin mobile app is a subset of functionality available in the main Office 365 Partner admin center portal. The app focuses on the primary actions that are likely to be taken by a partner in a mobile scenario. The full Partner admin center portal provides additional information about a customer’s environment and enables you to perform several administration and configuration tasks on behalf of the customer.

Q. Are there any differences in the app across Windows Phone, Android and iOS?   

A. The capabilities are similar across the platforms.

Q. What languages is the app available in?  

A. The app is currently available in English.

—Adam Jung

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