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Sway for iPhone v1.2 updates

Last month, we released Sway for iPhone more broadly and have been excited to see a much wider set of people use Sway for iPhone. Thanks to this broader growth and usage, we’ve been able to continue learning how to best optimize Sway’s new authoring experience for people who want to quickly and easily create polished, interactive content from their mobile devices.

An updated version of Sway for iPhone is now available from the App Store, and it includes some key improvements based on listening to feedback and adding more capabilities of Sway in the browser on PCs, Macs and tablets. Here is what’s new in Sway for iPhone v1.2:

  • Add video from your phone’s camera roll
  • Create groups and stacks of photos
  • Add bullets and numbering to text
  • Create and apply a hyperlink to text
  • Emphasize words or sentences
  • Crop images
  • Pictures of documents can be straightened and cropped automatically
  • Performance improvements, especially when network quality is poor

Check out this Sway to understand more about Sway for iPhone’s latest set of capabilities:

With Sway for iPhone becoming even more powerful, we’re excited to see more and more people create and share Sways while on the go.

We’re eager to keep hearing your feedback on Sway for iPhone in our dedicated forum on UserVoice.

Happy Swaying!

Sway team, @Sway


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