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OneNote for Teachers interactive guides now translated for global classrooms

Editor’s note 1/27/2016:
Post has been updated to include new websites with localized interactive guides found on

In case you haven’t visited yet, we encourage you to do so and see how this new site, developed exclusively for educators, is helping new OneNote users become “OneNote Ninjas” without any cost to them or their school—in about an hour. Since launching this training-focused website, we have heard feedback from global educators about the need to have the guides in their own native language.

So due to popular demand from our worldwide teachers, we have now translated the 10 interactive guides on found on into 5 common languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, French and German. We hope this will help you become a better user of OneNote in the classroom wherever you are in the world.

Note: We have not yet localized the pages on the site but the guides are available to you below as direct links. We will be updating the site in the future to have different views by language, along with new guides for students and administrators.


Localized guides page

OneNote para docentes

Introducción a OneNote

Mejora de la productividad con OneNote

Aprovechando OneNote al máximo

Manténgase organizado con OneNote

Implementación de planes de estudio con OneNote

Colaboración en el salón de clases con el Creador de blocs de notas de clase de OneNote

Creación de lecciones interactivas con OneNote

OneNote para administradores de escuela

Instalación del Creador de blocs de notas de clase de OneNote


Localized guides page

OneNote para professores

Iniciar no OneNote

Aprimorar a produtividade com o OneNote

Aproveitar o máximo do OneNote

Organizar-se com o OneNote

Entregar o currículo com o OneNote

Colaborar na sala de aula com o Criador de blocos de anotações de aula do OneNote

Criar lições interativas com o OneNote

OneNote para administradores de escola

Instalar o Criador de blocos de anotações de aula do OneNote

Chinese, Simplified

Localized guides page

教师专用版 OneNote

开始使用 OneNote

使用 OneNote 提高工作效率

充分利用 OneNote

使用 OneNote 保持条理

使用 OneNote 教授课程

使用 OneNote Class Notebook Creator 在课堂上协作

使用 OneNote 设计互动式课程

学校管理层专用版 OneNote

安装 OneNote Class Notebook Creator


Localized guides page

OneNote pour les enseignants

Premiers pas avec OneNote

Améliorer la productivité avec OneNote

Tirer le maximum de OneNote

Restez organisé avec OneNote

Utiliser des programmes d’études avec OneNote

Collaborer en salle de classe avec le Créateur de blocs-notes de cours OneNote

Créer des leçons interactives avec OneNote

OneNote pour les administrateurs scolaires

Installer le Créateur de blocs-notes de cours OneNote


Localized guides page

OneNote für Lehrer

Erste Schritte mit OneNote

Erhöhen der Produktivität mit OneNote

Das Meiste aus OneNote machen

Organisiert bleiben mit OneNote

Einreichen eines Lehrplans mit OneNote

Zusammenarbeiten im Klassenzimmer mit OneNote Class Notebook Creator

Erstellen von interaktivem Unterricht mit OneNote

OneNote für Rektoren

Installieren des OneNote Class Notebook Creators

Don’t see your language above, let us know in the comments what language you would like to see for the teacher-focused guides and we will consider it for the next round of translation!

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