OneNote welcomes partner Obindo

Over the course of the last year, we’ve been excited to welcome more and more partners to the OneNote ecosystem, as we combine forces to increase the power of the tools you use every day to get stuff done. Today, we’re excited to highlight another great partner, Obindo—a new Google Chrome extension to help you capture ideas and files from Gmail and send them to OneNote or Yammer without leaving your inbox.

Obindo routes all your great ideas, thoughts and files, which often get stuck in email to OneNote where you can work with them more easily. Rather than having to continually switch back-and-forth from Gmail to OneNote, you can make sure information is saved to OneNote where it belongs.

Obindo also works with Yammer. If you receive a message in Gmail that you would like to share with others in your organization, just click the Yammer button on the Obindo toolbar. You can use Obindo to share a conversation or set of files with your entire organization or with just a particular Yammer group.

You can be up-and-running in just 60 seconds. Here’s how it works:

First, install Obindo for Gmail and follow the steps to connect Obindo to your Gmail account. Once you’ve done that, the green Obindo bar is displayed at the bottom of each message:

gmail to onenote with obindo 1

Each time you receive a message you would like to save to OneNote, just click here to display the Obindo toolbar and then select from the list of apps:

gmail to onenote with obindo 2

Obindo will ask you to confirm that you would like to save your email message to OneNote. Simply click Yes, Please!

gmail to onenote with obindo 3

That’s all there is to it! Obindo sends your Gmail message to a OneNote page.

gmail to onenote with obindo 4

To learn more about Obindo, visit and let us know what you think and if there are other ways we can help you get more done with OneNote.


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