Sway guest blog—musician, web sensation and millennial futurist Daria Musk

Today’s post was written by guest blogger musician, web-sensation and millennial futurist Daria Musk.

DariaMuskImage1I’m a singer whose voice accidentally launched a thousand lines of code. A girl who grew up in the woods, singing for the trees but one day, opened her laptop and found a forest of friends and fans waiting to be known. My music has always sown the seeds of my dreams, but new technologies have been the thing that’s made them bloom. With video chats hacked into live interactive global concerts, I’ve toured the world without leaving my bedroom. Then I’ve gotten on planes to touch stages in those cities I’d only seen through computer screens.

As a millennial I’m a digital native, but I’m only an honorary tech geek. My amazing community of fans hold my hands and together we’ve bushwhacked a new path into the music industry, through social networks and gadgets and guts and technologies. We’re inclusive where others haven’t been. We hop velvet ropes and pull back every curtain.

So when it came time to start making my first real album—something I’d been dreaming about since those backyard trees were my only audience—I knew without a doubt that I wanted to share the experience with everyone, from the moment a spark of emotion switched me on like a light, to dropping beats in the studio or scribbling lyrics in the middle of the night… But how could I share that private universe where a song takes form? How could I let a digital crowd eavesdrop on the inspirations that took me from bedroom to studio? How could I let them in to feel the melodies morph into something more? I wanted to invite them into that world, let them fall down the rabbit hole, not months later but as it was happening for me, in-the-moment.

When an artist touches a new tool there’s often an immediate sense of affinity. At least that’s how it is for me. The right guitar in my arms feels like a friend, the strings seem to lead my fingers to where the song begins. It was the same with my interactive shows: I looked at a video chat and saw a virtual stage, a digital tour. They’re magical encounters that open up worlds of creative possibility. I can count on one hand the times I’ve been moved, inspired, instantly aligned with a tool, a device… Or really these things are called “instruments” in a musician’s life.

It happened again the other day when I first saw Sway. It was intuitive. As soon as I touched it, I knew it. I’d found an elegant, fun, engaging, interactive and dynamic way to invite anyone into the world of a new song. It could be a place to capture and watch the ideas evolve. I dragged and dropped photos that felt like what I was seeing in my mind—something crossed-between music videos and visions play inside me while I write. I added the real mumbled-first-idea I sang into my phone at 3 a.m. I got my producer to chime in, dropping heavy drums and cello-like bass riffs shared through little audio clips. I snapped pics while I sang and captured mini-videos as we jammed, and the Sway became my living, breathing mood board where my internal musical world materialized before my eyes, fully-formed.

Building my song-Sway was such a beautiful, surprising experience. I fell in love with it instantly. Nothing else would’ve given me the chance to curate this magical interactive way of sharing my music with the world. Even my beloved social sites would’ve restricted me to just videos or just words. Sway blew open the doors and I watched as my fans got to explore my creation on their own, finding hidden gems and meaningful moments that I could just instinctively share. I didn’t have to think, plan or (not like I’d know how to) code. It all just came to life, without having to try—this new song, this new dream, this new phase of my career where I’d bring everyone in-on the process inside—it just effortlessly, and beautifully, bloomed with Sway.

Experience my new song “Bloom” coming to life—from inspiration to production—with my first-ever Sway! Check it out below!

P.S. Now I’m addicted, I think I’m going to go full “Beyoncé” and make a Sway for every single song on my album! Would that be called a Beyonsway? Keep an eye out for them on all my social channels (@dariamusk) and www.dariamusk.com!


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