New—designed for everyone in a school

When we developed exclusively for educators, we didn’t know that OneNote would take off the way it has in education. Since launching the site in October 2014, we have seen interest from educators for getting “Ninja” trained on OneNote with the wealth of interactive guides on the site. Now, they are telling their principals and students about their new skills in OneNote sparking their interest in OneNote in education. To meet this need, we redesigned the site to include guides and pages for both students and administrators and gave it a more fitting name of

OneNote in Education 1

OneNote in Education 2

New guides for anyone in your school or district

The original website was on one page and served its purpose for teachers. However, with the momentum the OneNote Class Notebook—teachers inviting students into their notebooks and the release of OneNote Staff Notebook for Education—it was clear that students and administrators need some space and resources to themselves (since no one likes a jealous kid or a grumpy principal).

The new multi-tabbed site gives everyone what they want—with still directing to the Teacher tab of the site.

OneNote in Education 3

The interactive guides can be played and shared from any device. We hope you will share this great resource with everyone at your school or district who might benefit from some new world PD (professional development) on staying organized and efficient. Since these guides are like OneNote—free and bite-sized (5-7 minutes in length)—even an hour going through these will get you through them and on your way to new heights.

All for one, OneNote for all!