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Office Online and Dropbox web integration now available

Last year Office announced an ongoing partnership to create better connections between Office and Dropbox. We continue to work closely with the Dropbox team to make it easier to work with your Office applications and Dropbox. We’ve already connected your Office and Dropbox experience on your iOS and Android devices. Today, the next milestone in our partnership is available, integration between Dropbox on the web and Office Online.

Now, when working in Office Online you can add your Dropbox account to easily browse, open and edit Office files with Office Online. You can also create new files in Office Online, and save them directly to your Dropbox.

Dropbox 1

Add your Dropbox account to Office Online

Dropbox 2

Navigate and open files on Dropbox from Office Online

Dropbox 3

Use Word Online to edit documents on Dropbox

The same integration is available from Dropbox in a web browser. You can now access Office Online directly from the file you are viewing. Just click the Open button when you’re previewing a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file from Dropbox on the web, and you can edit the file right from your browser using Office Online.

Dropbox-Office Online Product Screenshot

So whether you start in Office Online, or from Dropbox, it’s simple to work with Office and Dropbox on the web. All Dropbox and Office Online users have access to this new experience today. If you are an Office user that also uses Dropbox, go to today to give it a try.