Early look at the new Outlook on the desktop, Windows 10 and phones

On today’s Office Mechanics show, we’ll take a look at new Outlook mail and calendar experiences across the Windows desktop, Windows 10, iOS and Android. Ben Walters joins Jeremy Chapman again to the give an end-to-end tour of Outlook across platforms and device types.

Email is still the most common way many people communicate at work. New Outlook experiences in Office 2016 Preview, Windows 10 IT Pro and Developer Preview and on phones provide the richest Outlook capabilities to date.

On the desktop, Outlook in the Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview is cloud-connected, it innovates on how attachments are discovered and used, integrates with machine learning to de-clutter your inbox and has an updated look and feel.

Outlook Mail and Calendar in Windows 10 provides rich authoring capabilities, improved touch support with new swipe gestures for inbox triage and pinch to zoom in the calendar; it also works with a broader list of email services and protocols. Outlook Mail and Calendar are part of recent Windows 10 Technical Preview builds.

Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android lets you do many of the tasks you might have previously reserved for Outlook on your PC of Mac. From Focused inbox and quick email triage, to accessing cloud storage and your calendar, Outlook Mobile helps you get more done and is constantly evolving with new capabilities.

Of course, if you want to learn even more and see all of these Outlook apps in action, you’ll want to check out the show.