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Audio recording comes to OneNote for Mac

Just a little over a year ago we released OneNote for Mac. Since then we’ve delivered frequent improvements and new experiences that have made OneNote a top 10 free app in the Mac App Store. Continuing to make OneNote for Mac even better, today we’re introducing audio recording—one of the most frequently requested features by OneNote for Mac fans (especially students), and another powerful way to capture ideas and information into OneNote—plus the ability to recover notes you deleted accidentally and view equations created in OneNote for Windows.

Audio recording comes to OneNote for Mac 1

Picture this: You’re sitting in class, frantically taking notes. Your teacher is moving through the material quickly, and despite your best efforts, you fall behind. “Maybe it’ll be fine,” you tell yourself. “Maybe the 30 seconds I missed weren’t that important.” Then your teacher utters those dreaded words, “Remember what I just said because it’ll be covered on your final exam.”

Starting today, you’ll never have to go through that again—thanks to the new audio recording feature in OneNote for Mac. Next time you’re taking notes, click Insert, select Audio Recording and OneNote will start recording. It’s that easy! Use OneNote to record meetings, conference calls, classes, interviews, focus groups, brainstorm sessions, personal journals and anything else you don’t want to forget.

Even better, any notes you type while recording will be synchronized to the audio. Reviewing your class notes and can’t remember exactly what your instructor said about the early music of the Beatles? Move your mouse over the notes you typed when the instructor was talking about that topic, then Control-Click to open the context menu and select Play Audio From Here. OneNote will play the audio that was recorded precisely when you typed that portion of your notes. Pretty handy!

Audio recording comes to OneNote for Mac 2

Don’t want to type a bunch of notes during your audio recording? Click the Add Bookmark button on the Audio tab to quickly flag an important point for later reference. Just like with text you’ve typed, you can Control-Click and select the Play Audio From Here command to play the audio recording from the point where you placed the bookmark.

Audio recording comes to OneNote for Mac 3

Here’s one last tip for making the most of audio recording in OneNote for Mac: Sit close to the person you’re recording so the microphone on your Mac will pick up the sounds more clearly. The level indicator on the Audio tab can help you determine whether the audio you’re recording is too faint. This is especially useful when recording in a large, open environment like a lecture hall.

Audio recording comes to OneNote for Mac 4

In addition to Record Audio, here are some additional updates we’ve included in this OneNote for Mac release.

View mathematical equations created in OneNote for Windows

First, we’ve addressed another popular customer request by providing the ability to view equations added from OneNote for Windows. Simply open a page that includes equations and you’ll see those mathematical symbols and Greek letters rendered in all their glory.

Audio recording comes to OneNote for Mac 5

Recover notes you deleted accidentally

Second, we’ve made it possible to recover deleted content. If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a section or page in OneNote and then wished you could get it back, then this feature is for you. Simply click the View tab and then select Deleted Notes to see everything you’ve deleted in the last 60 days. To restore a deleted section or page, Control-Click on it and then select Restore To.

Audio recording comes to OneNote for Mac 6

We hope these updates make OneNote for Mac even more valuable to you. As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please continue to give us input and ideas at the OneNote feedback site.

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