OneDrive for Business introduces new data loss prevention capabilities for sync

The ability to take OneDrive for Business files offline, apply changes and then sync those changes back is fundamental to helping people manage their files effectively across devices. For the user experience around sync we’re doing a lot of work with our new unified sync client that will bring new capabilities such as selective sync.

In addition to the work we’re doing on the sync client we’re also investing in administration features that allow IT to manage the sync function to limit potential data leakage. Many organizations want to ensure their users are only able to sync files to managed or domain-joined PC’s thereby limiting data leakage possibilities on unmanaged home and personal computers. Today we’re excited to announce that we’re releasing this capability for OneDrive for Business administrators! This complements the other data loss prevention investments we’re making right across Office 365.

It’s really simple to set up and manage. The IT administrator defines a list of domains that they will allow sync client requests from. Any OneDrive for Business sync client requests originating from PC’s that aren’t domain-joined or aren’t members of the allowed domains will be blocked. To enable this feature and list the allowed domains administrators will run a cmdlet in the SharePoint Online Management Shell. What’s more we collect the details every time a sync client request is allowed or blocked and you can filter these results in our new compliance center auditing & reporting features which are rolling out soon.
It should be noted that this feature will work with PC’s that can be managed through Active Directory Group Policy, it will therefore automatically block all sync on Apple Macintosh machines which have no equivalent of Group Policy management. Today this feature will allow you to manage sync on the existing PC client and we’ll continue this support with the new unified sync client when we ship that later this year.

To find out all the details on this exciting new feature then check out our comprehensive TechNet article.

We’re constantly striving to provide tools to allow IT administrators to protect key business files on OneDrive for Business and we’ve got more IT management capabilities coming during 2015, stay tuned!

Reuben Krippner

Director, Product Management, OneDrive