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4 updates to Power Query

This month’s Power Query update includes four new or improved features including:

  • Enhanced Privacy levels dialog
  • New Text column filters: “Does Not Begin With…” and “Does Not End With…”
  • Improved Salesforce connectors
  • Improved “Excel Workbook” connector

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You can continue reading for more details about each feature.

Enhanced Privacy levels dialog

We improved the Privacy levels dialog where users are asked to provide privacy levels for all data sources involved in a query. With this update, users can control whether privacy levels apply to a specific location or a more general one. For instance, you can now control whether privacy levels should be applied to a page versus an entire site.

Power Query June update 1

New Text column filters: “Does Not Begin With…” and “Does Not End With…”

We added a couple of new filters for Text columns so you can filter by “Does Not Begin With…” or “Does Not End With…” In previous versions of Power Query, these filters required custom formula editing, but are now much easier to apply by simply selecting them from the Text Filters menu.

Power Query June update 2

Improved Salesforce connectors

An area of feedback from many of our customers using the Salesforce connector is that they want to connect first to a custom domain, rather than the default (production) domain. Another common request is to be able to create relationships when loading Salesforce tables to the Data Model, based on the relationships that already existed in Salesforce. These two options were available by modifying the underlying formulas, but not surfaced in the UI.

With this update, we added these two options to the Salesforce connector dialogs. The selection of Production versus Custom domain is available in both “Salesforce Objects” and “Salesforce Reports.” The option to import relationships between Salesforce tables is available in the “Salesforce Objects” connector.

Power Query June update 3


Power Query June update 4

Improved “Excel Workbook” connector

One of our most popular connectors is the “Excel Workbook” connector, which allows users to import tables, named ranges or raw worksheet data from an Excel Workbook. In this update, we added automatic column type detection for columns imported using this connector, making it easier for users to work with these columns without having to manually convert them to the right data type. We also made some performance optimizations so that the data previews in the Navigator and Query Editor for this connector load much faster.

That’s all for this month. As mentioned previously, we’re making lots of incremental improvements to Power Query and we hope that you find it better with every new monthly update. Please continue sending us feedback using our “Send a Smile/Frown” feature, or by voting for what you’d like to see next.

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—Miguel Llopis, program manager on the Power Query team


Power Query for Excel is available with Office 2013 or Office 2010 Professional Plus with Software Assurance.  Download the add-in and learn more about getting started.

You can receive update notifications in Power Query when there is a new version available. These notifications will show up in your PC’s system tray when you launch Excel. You can also check for updates by using the Update button in the Power Query ribbon tab.

Learn about all the powerful analytics and visualization features in Excel and take your analysis further by sharing and collaborating on business insights with colleagues using Power BI.

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