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Office Mix amps the slideshow experience with the personality of videos

Although we originally created Office Mix to help educators deliver interactive lessons, we’ve been amazed at what people are doing with it every day. Inspired by you, we tried something new and it turns out that Office Mix is just as good at flipping conferences as it is at flipping classrooms!

Office Mix provides an innovative player that delivers a personalized experience. It groups content into scenes that are organized as PowerPoint slides, which lets viewers skip directly to the content that most interests them. Viewers can also use the slide sorter view to see all the slides together and jump directly to the content they want to watch next.

Technically, Office Mix achieves this by combining the PowerPoint web app with high-fidelity adaptive bitrate video delivered by Azure Media Services. Thus, mixes are experienced as PowerPoint slides—complete with animations, transitions and hyperlinks. Viewers can easily share mixes via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Office Mix in action

Let’s look at Harry Shum’s The Next Era of Computing: Seeing the Future Before It Happens session at the recent Ignite conference to see how Office Mix performs differently than traditional video.

The viewer starts with a picture-in-picture experience that presents both the PowerPoint slide and a video of the stage.

Office Mix amps the slideshow experience with the personality of videos 1

On slide 14, you hear Shum outline how Microsoft Research thinks about, “Playing the Long Game.”

Office Mix amps the slideshow experience with the personality of videos 2

At other times in the presentation, the video the presenter is the focal point, so the Office Mix experience shifts to a full-screen view of the stage. (See slide 36 for an example.)

Office Mix amps the slideshow experience with the personality of videos 3

Analytics helps strengthen presentations

Perhaps the best part of the solution is that Office Mix provides analytics to authors. For instance, if there is a high drop-off rate, presenters might consider compressing their content in future presentations. If users tend to watch one slide multiple times, that could mean the content was particularly engaging. In an education context, Office Mix analytics provides a basis for personalizing instruction.

If you are interested in seeing more from Office Mix, check out Keynote 1 and Keynote 2 from the recent Build conference. To create your own mix, download the free add-in to PowerPoint.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

Happy Mixing!

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