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Teachers, create your OneNote Class Notebook from Office 365 App Launcher or

Last month, we announced the summer rollout of a number of top requested features for OneNote Class Notebooks, OneNote Staff Notebooks and OneNote across platforms to Office 365 customers. One of our promises was that we are making OneNote Class Notebooks more discoverable for teachers to save them time. That’s why we recently put the OneNote Class Notebook app in the My Apps page for every teacher with Office 365 Education in the U.S. and made it accessible to them via a simple link with additional resources at

Find OneNote Class Notebooks easily in Office 365 Education

We have now made OneNote Class Notebook app automatically available to all U.S. teachers with Office 365 Education (E1 or E3 for Faculty) in their Office 365 App Launcher and My apps. This means teachers with Office 365 Education can more easily access and discover OneNote Class Notebooks so they are able to create class notebooks to save time, organize and collaborate with students next school year. We will be making this app automatically available to teachers with Office 365 Education worldwide in the near future. Teachers can check if they are eligible for free Office 365 Education at your school here or try for free by signing up on this site.

App Launcher v2


One link to create OneNote Class Notebooks

The OneNote Class Notebook helps teachers to quickly set up a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities—all within one powerful notebook. Teachers can easily add students to a shared notebook to allow for differentiated instruction, content delivery and a collaborative digital space. Students can work together while teachers provide real-time feedback.

To set up OneNote Class Notebooks:

  1. Go to the website to watch the OneNote Class Notebooks video and access the interactive guides.
  2. Next, sign in with your school or district email associated with Office 365.
  3. In the new webpage that launches, run the simple wizard to set up your OneNote Class Notebook for your class. This wizard creates the OneNote Class Notebooks in the teacher’s OneDrive for Business in Office 365. In step 7 of the creation process, the wizard provides a link that can be used to open the OneNote Class Notebook in OneNote on any device. The students automatically receive a link to this notebook in their Office 365 (Outlook) email and in their OneDrive for Business under “Shared with me”.

NOTE: If your school prefers that OneNote Class Notebooks are stored on your class SharePoint sites, you will need to use the OneNote Class Notebook app on SharePoint instead and your IT administrator will need to install the app on your SharePoint site. Steps to do this are covered in our IT Administrator Guide and these interactive guides.

For teachers who don’t have an Office 365 sign in, there is a link on the website to get one for free if you are at an eligible institution.

Teachers, get your OneNote Class Notebook 2 v2

What’s next for OneNote Class Notebooks?

As we mentioned in our blog post last month, we have more planned before school starts in September. Stay tuned on the OneNote in Education blog and follow us on Twitter at @OneNoteEDU to stay informed on everything. Let us know if you have questions in the comments or email us at Submit other feature requests on our feedback and suggestions site, which we use to prioritize our next round of improvements to make you and your students’ lives easier for next school year.

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