Office Online makes formatting easy

Document imperfections can be distracting. Rather than producing more new content, you might spend time fixing a typo, correcting a formatting error, or moving a graphic. Over the next few weeks, Office Online is rolling out updates to eliminate these distractions to keep you focused on what matters.

Watch this short video to see all the new features:

Text formatting

Office Online is releasing new autocorrect features. The first implementation will make straightforward changes such as capitalizing the first letter of a sentence. In the coming weeks, you will see more advanced automatic formatting such as transforming two hyphens into a dash—just like you’d expect in Word.

Word Online is also adding the Format Painter, a popular office tool that can streamline document design. Format Painter allows you to copy formatting from the selected content (Ctrl + Shift + C) and paste it onto a different set of content (Ctrl + Shift + V).

Object formatting in PowerPoint Online

Text is great, but illustrations bring your presentation to life. PowerPoint Online’s latest update allows you to make your illustrations look perfect. You can easily select, move, resize and delete objects with your keyboard or mouse. The new Smart Guides feature helps you effortlessly align your objects with other content. Multiselect allows you to format more than one object at a time. You can even move objects outside the slide area while you format other content.

Previously, PowerPoint Online only allowed you to view and relocate existing tables. The latest updates will allow you to create, edit and format your tables in the browser. You can even resize rows or columns.

Easier viewing

We know our customers use Office Online on a wide range of devices. PowerPoint Online’s new full screen Reading View and Zoom tool in the Editing View allow you to have a more comfortable experience on small screen devices. Word Online is also releasing a High DPI experience for viewing PDFs.

Office Online is striving to be the best place on the web to create great content. If you have any feedback or a feature request for Word OnlineExcel OnlinePowerPoint Online or OneNote Online, please send it our way. If you haven’t tried Office Online yet, just go to to get started!