Angela Maiers and Choose2Matter, Inc. collaborate with Microsoft for authentic, passion-driven learning

Today Choose2Matter, a social movement founded by educator Angela Maiers, announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft to bring authentic, passion-driven learning to classrooms and communities around the world. Microsoft is excited to help accelerate Angela Maiers’ work to advance passion-based learning in schools and to celebrate the unique genius of every individual. This work has already had a profoundly positive impact on so many students and educators.

“I have been incredibly impressed by Microsoft’s commitment to understanding the needs of educators and students and providing them with the tools, information and educational experiences they need to succeed and thrive,” said Angela Maiers. “Microsoft’s commitment to helping us move the Choose2Matter movement forward is stark evidence of this.”

Angela Maiers helped launch Genius Hour in schools with the publication of her book, “The Passion Driven Classroom,” in 2010 (co-authored with Amy Sandoval). Since then, tens of thousands of teachers around the world have set aside some time in the school day for students to work on “passion projects.” Liberating Genius in the Classroom is a day-by-day guide to the first 20 days of implementing the Genius Hour, guiding teachers through the essential habits and attitudes that students must develop to be active and informed citizens, and instructing them how to help students find and explore their passion.

Choose2Matter collaborate with OneNote 1

Microsoft will be the charter sponsor of Liberating Genius in the Classroom, a free e-book, authored by Angela Maiers, which guides teachers through the introduction of Genius Hour to their students. OneNote will be the preferred delivery platform for the e-book, and students will be able to download a custom OneNote genius notebook.

Microsoft will also sponsor four Choose2Matter LIVE events in the 2015-16 school year, with the option to sponsor additional events. Choose2Matter has conducted eight of these real-time innovation events at schools throughout the U.S., with more than 20,000 students participating. It is now creating a complementary curriculum and intends to host eight-to-ten live events per year, in venues throughout the world. Schools that are unable to participate live will be invited to participate via Skype.

Choose2Matter collaborate with OneNote 2

Choose2Matter will announce availability of Liberating Genius in the Classroom and the OneNote genius notebook before the U.S. school year starts in August 2015. More details about Choose2Matter LIVE, including how schools can participate, will also be announced in August.

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