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OneNote July mobile updates for iOS and Android

This month we’re upgrading your OneNote mobile experience with improvements to iOS and Android.

One app for OneNote iPad and iPhone

You might have noticed that our apps had a “for iPad” and “for iPhone” in the title—that’s because they were two separate apps. This month we did a bunch of work behind the scenes to create one universal iOS app that works on both iPad and iPhone. If you are an iPad user today, you will need to get the new OneNote app from the store. When you open your current iPad app, you will see instructions for getting the app. If you are an iPhone user, you don’t need to do anything—we merged the iPad app into the iPhone app so you already have it.

With the universal iOS OneNote app, iPad users will have some of the recent updates made to the iPhone app, and we’ll be able to move even faster to update the app with new features.

New iPad features

Some of the recent updates to iPhone are now available for iPad including:

Today Widget—Create new notes, start a list, and access your most recent notes with one tap from the Notification Center. This is a great way to quickly capture something before you forget without having to navigate to the app.


Recent Notes—Find your most recently edited notes with the “Recent Notes” view to display the list of recent notes across all the notebooks open on your iPad.

OneNote July mobile updates for iOS and Android 1

Page PreviewsIf you turn your iPad into landscape mode you will see page previews. This makes it quick to remember what content is on a page.

OneNote July mobile updates for iOS and Android 2

Document/Whiteboard cameraThanks to your feedback about the document/whiteboard camera not working properly, we were able to fix the bug; it turns out the lens cap was left on when using the Document/Whiteboard camera.


You can download OneNote for iOS on the Apple App Store today!

OneNote for Android updates

We recently updated the OneNote for Android, which introduces one of the top feature asks—the ability to move or copy pages from one section or notebook to another section or notebook. Now, if you took a note in a hurry and it is still in your Quick Notes section, you can move it to the Notebook where it really belongs. Or, if your teacher shared an assignment or notes with you, and you want to copy it to your notes, now you can do that too using OneNote for Android.

Let’s see how it works:

Moving or copying a page from one section to another is very simple. On the page list, just tap and hold on the page you would like to move or copy. Select the operation you would like to perform from the menu and then select the destination section—you are done. For quick access, you can also add a page directly to your Home screen.

cropped-OneNote July mobile updates for iOS and Android 4


OneNote July mobile updates for iOS and Android 5

Apart from this, we also made some stability improvements and fixed user reported issues.

Android Wear

Take note: we have a big update coming for our Android Wear app. You asked for a way to view recent notes and tasks on your watch, so we’ve made it possible to view your big ideas on your small(er) screen. In a few days we’ll have a beta available, and you will be able to get a sneak peek at the functionality ahead of time by joining our Beta Community, or wait a few weeks for it to come to the Play Store.

You can download OneNote for Android via Google Play today!

Follow OneNote on Google+.

Join the Google+ Beta community and be the first one to try out the latest updates.

We’d love to hear what you think of these updates, so please let us know in the comments, in-app feedback or by submitting a review.

—Ryan McMinn, product manager for the OneNote team.

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