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Sway Use Case series #3: Small business Sways

As a digital storytelling app, Sway makes it easy for students, teachers, professionals and consumers to bring all sorts of narratives to life in a new and interactive way. This blog series highlights the great examples of Sways made across different categories by all sorts of people to make their ideas shine.

In the last Sway Use Case blog, we got a taste of many delicious and visually delightful Sways that chefs, foodies, and culinary adventurers have created, all centered around food. In today’s post, we’ll get down to business and dive into some of the many ways that small businesses and professionals alike are using Sway for professional storytelling, collaboration and sharing ideas in new ways internally and with their customers. Check out the highlights below!

Swaying potential clients with an event venue brochure

Jonathan Price (London, @JonnoPrice) is the sales and marketing manager at Maudsley Learning (@MaudsleyLearn). He used Sway to create a fluid and engaging promotional brochure to share the offerings and specifications for the ORTUS learning and events center in London. Complete with images, venue highlights and even a promotional offer, this new format helps sway prospective clients in an easy-to-share way. Check out Jonathan’s brochure Sway:

Recapping a project and sharing a portfolio piece with Sway

Empired (Australia, @EmpiredLtd) is an IT services provider that delivers business technology solutions across Australia. Sway helped Empired showcase a cloud-based intranet solution it built for the Telethon Kids Institute in Western Australia. Bringing together material including infographics, screenshots, and headshots, Empired’s Sway is an interactive and structured way to promote the solution and the Empired team in a format that is engaging and easy to share internally and with clients. Check out Empired’s project recap Sway:

Swaying the market with thought leadership

JP Bedell (New York, @Jamesbedell) is a sales rep and blogger for the lighting solutions provider SDA Lighting. It’s important for any company to promote itself by demonstrating thought leadership and expertise in its field. JP uses Sway to showcase lighting principles for the office of the future in this combination blog and industry white paper. Bringing together images, text, videos, and tweets, this Sway provides JP and SDA an interactive and dynamic format for easily sharing professional perspectives in a compelling way with prospective clients and the market. Check out JP’s illuminating Sway:

Using Sway to make real estate listings stand out

Susan Taylor (South Carolina, @susanttaylor) works in real estate in South Carolina. In an industry where visual presentation can make all the difference in piquing the interest of a buyer and driving a sale, Susan has been using Sway to make real estate listings stand out in a polished, interactive way that is easy to share across a wide variety of channels. Susan combines descriptions, pictures, videos and more in her Sways to bring properties to life and create a digital landscape for the homes she sells. Come take a tour of one of Susan’s real estate listing Sways:

Promoting specialty services with Sway

Cupcakes Actually (Virginia, @cupcakesnobs) proudly sells delicious-looking custom cupcakes baked onsite in its two Virginia shop locations. The recipe to success in the food service industry is complex and self-promotion is key. Cupcakes Actually has been using Sway to easily and broadly share a showcase of its beautifully-designed and expertly crafted cupcake lineup in a format whose visual polish and professional formatting reflects the quality of the cupcakes they bake. Try not to salivate over this particular Sway by Cupcakes Actually, which promotes their wedding portfolio:

Well, we’re sold! These are just a handful of the many Sways we’re seeing from small businesses who are using Sway’s new interactive and easily shareable format to promote their services, showcase their expertise, recap their work, and attract more customers. Thanks to all of you who have been creating Sways to help drive your businesses forward. Feel free to continue sharing with us on Twitter at @Sway!

Sway team, @Sway


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