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Top 10 back-to-school features in the new Office for Mac

Just in time for teachers, students and families preparing to head back to school—the all new Office for Mac now available. Packed with a whole new set of features, Office 2016 for Mac is sure to help scholars of all ages do their best work. To help you get most out of the new Office for Mac, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10.

Top 10 features and enhancements for students

1. If you save your Office documents in the cloud, a list of recently used files is available in the new Office for Mac. This helps you immediately pick up where you left off. Bonus: Pin the documents you use frequently and they will stay in the special “pinned files” list.

cropped - 1. Recent files

2. Working on an assignment with other students? Simply share your document in a few clicks and give permission to view or edit—all without leaving the application.


3. When you’re working with others in a Word document, PowerPoint presentation or OneNote notebook—several people can work on the same file simultaneously. And you can reply to people’s comments so that you can have a conversation right next to the relevant text.

3. Coauthoring_800

4. Use Audio Recording in OneNote to record class lectures. Any notes you type while recording are synchronized to the audio. Later, when you review your notes, you can easily jump to the parts of the recording that correspond to the specific notes you typed at that moment.

4. Audio-recording_800

5. Presenter View in PowerPoint is like mission control for your presentation. You see the current slide, next slide, speaker notes and a timer on your Mac, while the audience sees only the presentation on the big screen.


6. Side-by-side calendar in Outlook lets you see multiple calendars in a single view.

cropped - 6. Side by Side Calendar

7. Clicking Smart Lookup in Word shows contextual information from the web. When you’re writing a report on the French Revolution, useful information will show up right next to your document (including a certain Napoleon Bonaparte).


8. Mathletes rejoice! Insert 11 types of equations in Word, Excel and PowerPoint and customize them to your heart’s content. You can also save frequently used equations to the Equation Gallery.

8. Equations Word

9. Make your presentations stand out with new transitions, pixel perfect animations and smooth video playback.

9. Animations PPT

10. Want to make your report or presentation look awesome without breaking a sweat? Click the new Design tab to easily apply designer quality layouts, colors and fonts throughout your document.

10. Design Tab

We hope you find these Office for Mac tips useful. If you have any favorite time-saving tips, please share them in the comments below. And don’t forget, if you’re a student or teacher, visit to see if you’re eligible to get Office 365, and the new Office for Mac, for free.