Take back control of your shared work files

We’re constantly tweaking and simplifying the browser experience for OneDrive for Business to make it clearer, easier and faster to create, manage and share your important work files.

One common question we had from users was “how do I take back control of a file I’ve shared with others when I no longer want to share with them?”.
Previously we’d go into the Sharing function and remove everyone from the list one at a time.

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This could be a little time-consuming if you had shared with a large number of people. So we’ve added a simple Stop Sharing command which automatically revokes all access to the file except for you so you have sole control over your file whenever you need it.

Stop Sharing

This is just another way we’re responding to user feedback to make our user experience simpler and more productive. Keep your suggestions coming on user voice, we’re actively listening. Stay tuned for updates on other investments we’re making in the user experience including the exciting new sync client we’ll ship before the end of 2015.

Reuben Krippner

Director, Product Management, OneDrive