WYSIWYG editing in Office Mix quizzes and polls

With Office Mix, you can teach a lesson and quiz viewers to gauge their comprehension, which any educator will tell you is key to the learning process. But imagine if your ability to write quiz questions was limited to what you could type on the common QWERTY keyboard. How would you ask questions about mathematical and scientific formulae? E equals MC squared isn’t as recognizable or efficient as E = MC2, which you can type easily in any Office document that allows you to include symbols and superscripts. Up until recently, the best you could do in an Office Mix quiz or poll was to type E = MC2, which even a grade school student knows isn’t the same thing. The more complex the formula, the less satisfying the results.

But now, with WYSIWIG editing support in quizzes and polls, you can type formulae as simple as E = MC2 or as complex as:WYSIWYG Mix 1

If you’re a math or science teacher, the benefits are clear—and here’s just one example of the type of Office Mix quiz you can create now:


But even if you’re not a math or science teacher, you now have a lot more freedom to include images, tables, horizontal rule lines, font formatting, bulleted and numbered lists, and a whole range of special characters in quiz and poll questions in your Office Mix—thanks to the new floating toolbar that appears when you author a question:


For a complete list of available commands and instructions on how to use them, visit “Introducing WYSIWYG editing in quizzes and polls” at the Office Mix feedback and support site.