Office 365—monthly Dev Digest for August

This month’s Office 365 Dev Digest was written by Jeremy Thake, technical product manager for the Office 365 Dev team.

Welcome to the sixth edition of Dev Digest, designed to help you—the Office 365 developer—keep up-to-date with what’s new in Office 365 development.

It has been another busy month for the team, with some great strides to get new developers started with our APIs and add-ins. You can check this out yourself by navigating to From this page, you can follow the page flow, sign in with your Office 365 credentials, create an Azure application, and then download a code sample pre-filled with the client ID and secret, so you can immediately run your sample in your environment. We’ve targeted Android, ASP.NET MVC, iOS, Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby with this first release for the API flow. The team will continue to iterate on this to make it even easier based on all your feedback. I’m really proud of the work done here because it spanned so many teams and a lot of feedback both internally and externally.

We have also been working hard this month on getting more code samples out there. If you visit, you will see that we’ve added new samples for the newly released Windows UWP projects along with our version 2 of our hero demo, showcased at Build and Ignite, called the Property Manager.

We have had a lot of feedback from developers not knowing what you can do with the platform, so we have created a new Snack video showcase of short 3–5 minute videos. These videos help you to see what is possible through Office Store add-in demos and open sourced code samples.

I encourage you all to engage with us on the Office 365 Technical Network with your questions.

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Dev documentation

The Microsoft Content Publishing team works hard producing documentation to help developers learn our platform. Here are the key new and updated articles for this month:

Office 365 APIs

For more documentation check out Office developer documentation.

Code samples

Our team is continually on the lookout for new code samples to help you jump-start your own projects. Here is a list of the most recent new and updated samples from Microsoft as well as the dev community:

Most recent Office 365 Dev podcasts

Since joining Microsoft last year, I have been running around campus interviewing people about various dev topics. If you would like to hear me interview someone on a particular topic, please submit your suggestions in the Yammer group, and I’ll go hunt the relevant people down to interview.

Here are the most recent podcast interviews:

For more podcasts check out

Office Dev Show

The Office Dev Show is our dedicated Channel 9 show focusing on all things Office 365 development-related. The show previews capabilities and features of the Office extensibility platform, as well as facilitating developers getting started building on Office 365 with a variety of technologies. Here are the episodes we’ve published to date:

Stay tuned to the show, publishing new episodes every Wednesday morning.

Patterns and practices

The Microsoft Patterns and Practices team is working hard to release samples to show the power of SharePoint add-ins. Don’t forget to join the monthly community calls to hear the updates from them directly on the monthly releases and concentration areas in the future. Thanks also for everyone who contributed in the previous release of the PnP from the community side. Your input is highly appreciated.

Here are the latest updates from the team:

For more on patterns and practices check out All questions related on released materials and guidance can be added to our Yammer group at OfficeDevPnPYammer.

Dev community blog posts

The Office 365 dev community has been busy this month. It is exciting to see the effort people put into their posts in their spare time to share with the community.

Check out these articles from the Microsoft field, MVPs and more:

Office Store

Companies across the globe are extending the value of Office every day with Office add-ins. See how these solutions are making a difference at companies by watching their stories on! We are just a few days away from completing our next video, about a Seattle-area company that uses the D&B add-in for Office 365 to help track and qualify new customers. Check back in a few days!

We plan to take the video program big this year, by baking in customer story videos into our developer evangelism (DX) Go-To-Market efforts with newly recruited partners. We’ll start marketing the site heavily in the coming weeks.

Summertime tends to be a bit slower in the Store, but we’re still seeing a steady flow of new submissions and tons of updates to older add-ins. Several newcomers that impressed our validation team are below:

LIA PublisherLIA Publisher
By Liberated Intelligence & Analysis, Inc.
Empowers LIA admins and publishers to upload and publish straight into LIA from PowerPoint. Supported languages: English

WealthStationWealthStation Financial Planning
By SunGard Business Systems, LLC
WealthStation Financial Planning offers tools that provide quick assessments of retirement goals.
Supported languages: English

CYRISCYRIS for Outlook
By Thales Communications and Security
Encrypt and share sensitive files by email with CYRIS for Outlook!
Supported languages: English, French

By Keluro
KMailPrint is an Outlook add-in that prints to PDF your emails.
Supported languages: English, French

Upcoming events

There are plenty of events on the horizon…don’t miss out on these great events with Office 365 content. Our team looks forward to meeting you all at these events, so don’t be shy—come say hello at the Office 365 booth!

Aug. 18–20 SharePoint Fest, Seattle
Oct. 12 Unity Connect, Amsterdam
Oct. 14 DevIntersection, Amsterdam
Oct. 26 DevIntersection, Las Vegas
Nov. 9–12 European SharePoint conference

For more events check out

Until next month, please join our community discussions at and follow us on @OfficeDev on Twitter and on Facebook.

Also, be sure to follow along with us on our daily developer mission: Jeremy Thake (@jthake), Chris Johnson (@loungflyz), Sonya Koptyev (@SonyaKoptyev), Dave Pae (@davidpae) and Jim Epes (@j_epes).

—Jeremy Thake