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Get the free eBook for teachers: “Liberating Genius: The First 20 Days” by Angela Maiers

Get the free eBook for teachers 1Today, in an effort to help globally launch and inspire “Genius Hour” in classrooms all over the world, Angela Maiers and Choose2Matter, Inc. in collaboration with Microsoft are providing teachers with the free, customizable and interactive eBook: “Liberating Genius: The First 20 Days.” This free eBook, authored by Angela Maiers and Mark Moran, guides teachers through the introduction of Genius Hour.

 “Since classrooms began adopting Genius Hour five years ago, I’ve had thousands of educators ask me for advice on the best way to do so. This book contains lesson plans for the first 20 days and also curates the best advice from the vibrant community of passionate educators at the forefront of this movement.”

—Angela Maiers, founder of Choose2Matter

Sign up for the Choose2Matter newsletter today to download the free eBook in OneNote here:

What is Genius Hour?

Imagine a classroom where passion-driven genius work is not extracurricular, but is a part of the routine. Students would be invited and expected to collaborate to support each another’s genius; to experiment with ideas, discover new possibilities and make epic things happen. Genius Hour is more than a “program” where students do fun projects together. Genius Hour is a nearly unprecedented opportunity for teachers to guide students in how to be effective learners and citizens, by helping them connect what they do in school to the broader community.

OneNote was chosen to launch “Liberating Genius: The First 20 Days,” because it’s free and available on every device that matters to you. OneNote is perfect for organizing class curriculum, lesson plans, class notes, managing student work and collaboration with students.

Teachers can easily bring all this into their own custom collaborative notebook with students with the power of the OneNote Class Notebook.

If you already have a OneNote Class Notebook, consider your new “Liberating Genius” notebook as just another “book on your bookshelf” in OneNote—just like your Class Notebook. You can easily drag and drop content from one book to another—just follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the “Liberating Genius” eBook and then open it on the OneNote desktop (PC or Mac), iOS device or Android device.
  2. Move the desired pages or sections into the Class Notebook that you have open in OneNote already. Most teachers will prefer to put these in the Content Library so that students can only read or copy it into their personal section, not edit it though.
  3. Use the Genius Hour lesson plans with your students who all have access to the OneNote Class Notebook!

The book also features instructions and examples of how students can share their own Genius Hour project utilizing the best of both OneNote and Sway. And later this fall, we’ll be launching a OneNote notebook just for students to begin their own “Genius Notebooks.”

The eBook can be downloaded for free by signing up at:

Angela Maiers helped launch Genius Hour in schools in 2010. Since then, tens of thousands of teachers around the world have set aside some time in the school day for students to work on “passion projects.” Liberating Genius in the Classroom is a day-by-day guide to the first 20 days of implementing the Genius Hour, guiding teachers through the essential habits and attitudes that students must develop to be active and informed citizens, and instructing them how to help students find and explore their passion.

Microsoft is also proud to sponsor at Choose2Matter LIVE events this 2015–16 school year. Choose2Matter is creating a social innovation curriculum and intends to host eight to ten live events per year in venues throughout the world. Schools will also be invited to participate virtually via Skype. More details about Choose2Matter LIVE, including how schools can participate, will be announced soon.

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