Expanding the availability of Send

In July, we announced Send for iPhone for Office 365 business and education customers. Since then, we’ve seen a great response and have been busy adding new features based on your feedback. Users were eager for Send to be available more broadly, so today we’d like to introduce the Send for Android preview. In addition to U.S. and Canada, we’ve also brought Send for iPhone and Android to app stores in the UK, Brazil and Denmark. With today’s updates, even more people can take advantage of Send’s simple, quick text message-like experience when connecting with co-workers, customers and classmates on the go.

Expanding the availability of Send FI

It has been a busy month for Send—the app that feels like texting and works like email. Since the launch, we have been listening closely to your feedback and opinions, and have responded by making the app even more useful for you. We added the ability to delete conversations, add people to conversations, send direct messages to people from a group conversation, share your location, make a phone call and more. We have also added support for GIF sharing! Sometimes a simple GIF can express more than words ever could.

Send has been welcomed by universities, organizations with office workers and organizations with a mobile workforce. We’ve heard the app is improving communication flow around offices, campuses and other workplaces, because it’s based on a universal platform that everyone has access to—email. You told us that Send is a much-needed alternative to the consumer chat applications that can find their way into an organization.

As well as new features, our customers have been asking us to increase the availability of Send. Specifically, there are requests for Send to be on more platforms and available in more countries. With this in mind, we have this to share:

First, we are releasing a preview version of Send for Android phones with 4.2 and up. The app is available now and will stay in preview status while we bring it up to speed with its iPhone counterpart. Many of you are also requesting a Windows Phone version, which we are currently working on.

Second, in addition to U.S. and Canada, we also brought Send for iPhone and Android to app stores in the UK, Brazil and Denmark. If you’re in one of these countries, we’d love for you to download and try Send today.

We want to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to all of the early adopters of Send and “Welcome aboard” to those of you who are just joining. As always, feel free to tell us your thoughts, opinions and feature requests through UserVoice. We’ll continue to listen and improve the app based on your feedback.