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OneNote adds support for iOS 9 and iPad Pro with multitasking, Spotlight search and Apple Pencil

We’re excited to release our newest OneNote for iOS update, which adds support for several new features of iOS 9, spiffs things up for the upcoming iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and—as always—has numerous improvements in response to customer feedback.

If you thought our August update was big on small improvements, it’s because we were laboring behind the scenes to get everything prepped for this release.

Twice as nice with iOS 9

With Split View, you can have OneNote open side-by-side with another app, making it easier than ever to take notes while watching a lecture, reviewing slides or reading a paper for class.

OneNote adds support for iOS 9 1

Slide Over enables you to open OneNote atop another app and jot down whatever strikes your fancy without interrupting your current task.

OneNote adds support for iOS 9 2

Search your notes with Spotlight

We’ve added support for Spotlight to OneNote on iOS 9. Pop open search and start typing to jump directly to your notes. We’ll even search through images, PDFs and handwriting.

Pencil it out on iPad Pro

Prepare your sharpener for November—we’ll have Apple Pencil and iPad Pro support ready, waiting for you.

OneNote adds support for iOS 9 3

Better UI support for Arabic and Hebrew in iOS 9

Support for Arabic and Hebrew has been greatly improved with the addition of mirrored UI; your text is no longer the only thing that’s right to left.

Pick a side…any side (for the page list)

Previously, we moved the page list to the left side of the screen to improve handwriting for right-handed users. You can now choose to have it on the right or the left side. Twice as many choices, 100 percent more satisfied lefties!

Bugs zapped

In the last release, our typographically inclined users let us know we hadn’t lived up to our excellent reputation for font rendering. We dug out our linoleum blocks and resolved the issue (a fix for Mac is in the pipeline).

Additionally, we were a bit too fond of trips down memory lane, prompting you to sign in…repeatedly. Like your notes, your sign-in information will be fastidiously remembered.

Last month today

We added Page Previews to Landscape mode, and many customers rightly noted that we didn’t add a setting to turn them off and on. Now you can; we added a switch in settings.

Excited about all the changes? Don’t already have OneNote? Get it here.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please continue to give us input and ideas at the OneNote feedback site,

—Ryan McMinn, product manager for the OneNote team

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