Small and midsized businesses—get ready for Office 2016!

The announcement today about the brand new Office 2016 desktop apps and admin resources is exciting—but what does it mean for admins in small to midsized businesses (SMBs)? Deploying the right technology can mean the difference between surviving and thriving for an SMB, but coordinating the timing of the deployment can also impact your day-to-day operation. This post provides you with what to expect now that Office 2016 has been released and what you need to do.

The Office 2016 release for Office 365 introduces admins to a new model for managing and deploying regular updates. This model is primarily for larger enterprise customers and reduces the frequency of updates to every four months. For SMBs running Office 365 Business (the version of Office that comes with some Office 365 plans such as Business Premium), you will continue to receive regular monthly updates—nothing changes in your update frequency!

Shortly, you will receive an email announcing the new Office 2016 release for Office 365, which will offer you two choices:

  1. Update when it’s convenient for you. Simply sign in to your Office 365 Admin Center and select Install to manually download the new Office 2016 desktop apps.
  2. Let Microsoft do it for you with automatic upgrades scheduled to roll out over the next several weeks.

And when you’re ready to announce the new Office 2016 to your organization, we’ve also included a link in the announcement email to a template you can use to inform your users of the exciting features in store for them.

In the meantime, take a few minutes to learn more about what’s new in the Office 2016 release of Office 365.