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New crowd-pleasers for our iOS and Android users

For people with an iOS or Android device we’re shipping some new features today in the mobile apps, which we think you’ll love!

Starting with Android you’re able to take files offline! This was a top request in our UserVoice forum and today we’re bringing this to Android first, followed by iOS and Windows Phone in the future.

With our new offline support, you can mark one or more files for offline access and then open those files when disconnected. This can be especially handy when you are about to board a flight (or working from anywhere with limited connectivity) and want to review some files. We’ve also made it easier to find your offline files, which can be accessed from a single view.


ODB_new-mobile_updates_menu ODB_new-mobile_updates_select_files ODB_new-mobile_updates_view_offline


iOS gets new simpler command gestures and cool ways to work with PDF files

There’s a new streamlined way to trigger common actions on files (share, move, delete and file details) simply by pressing and holding on the file you want to use. You will get a beautiful radial menu, which we’ve nicknamed the flower. You can quickly select a command by just sliding your finger to the option you want.

We’ve also added the ability to draw and comment on your PDF files, all directly in the OneDrive app. We see billions of PDF files stored in OneDrive—it’s the most common document format. Personally, I have hundreds of PDFs, including product manuals, whitepapers and scanned files, such as expense receipts. Now you can highlight, draw or sign any PDF file and these annotations are stored in the file on OneDrive. All of these annotations can be deleted as needed. It’s a simple and powerful experience that can fundamentally change the way you use PDF files in OneDrive. We hope you like it!


ODB_new-mobile_updates_flower ODB_new-mobile_updates_pdf_annotation ODB_new-mobile_updates_sign


Get started today

Mobile productivity continues to be a big focus for us and we’ll keep adding features that enable you to do anything you need with your OneDrive files when you’re on your phone or tablet, regardless of whether you are online or not.

These updates are just some of the many enhancements we’re releasing today. Read about all of them here. We’re just getting started so stay tuned for more announcements soon on our continued innovation with OneDrive for Business!

Omar Shahine
Group Program Manager, OneDrive

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